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I’m a Seattle-based sound designer, video artist, director, and performer. I use all of these disciplines and mediums to tell stories that aim to examine and explode our human experience. My favorite place to be is in limbo between comedy and tragedy, because I feel that’s where our most honest lives exist.

I’m a collaborative artist, thriving around the talents and minds of others that are like-minded creators. I’ve spent my lifetime passionate about the art of theatre. I began as a performer, and added directing to my wheelhouse as a teen. After working in those capacities for years, I found my strongest voice and passion in sound design. I’m from a family of musicians, and have always been passionate about music in storytelling. While I never really took to playing an instrument myself, I eventually found a way to use my ear and musical skill in my chosen medium of theatre. I understand how to sonically support a story, and tend to approach my work from a cinematic angle – generating not only practical sound effects, but also underscore and textures to support story and guide audiences.

My sound designs for MAP Theatre, Dangerswitch!, Theater Schmeater, Blood Ensemble, Annex Theater, On the Boards, and Sound Theatre Company among others, have earned me three Gypsy Rose Lee Award nominations for Best Sound Design by the Seattle Theatre Writers Association.

I most recently ventured into installation work, creating the soundscape for Reshape - an immersive, multi-discipline, multi-artist collaborative installation exploring the mental landscape. This was also a piece I created a video installation for, and I’m excited about my future in creating more multi-disciplinary, installation art.

I’m always excited about meeting like-minded collaborators! So don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like to connect.


Into the Deeps   rehearsal with directors Eddie DeHais and Alyza Del-Pan Monley // Photo by Joe Iano

Into the Deeps rehearsal with directors Eddie DeHais and Alyza Del-Pan Monley // Photo by Joe Iano

“D.R. brings such an indispensable understanding of how people interpret sound, and how it can serve as a crucial narrative device for a production.

Ain’t no one better.”

-Brendon Mack (aka Butch Alice), Director