Sunset Baby at ArtsWest!

I’m so excited for this show to open. A story about revolution. As the lives of an estranged father and daughter begin to intertwine, old wounds are revealed, generational differences exposed, and smoldering truths laid bare. Dominiqie Morisseau is one of the most exciting and beautiful voices in theatre right now. SUNSET BABY is an energetic and vibrant narrative of the duality and intersectionality of family, legacy, and liberation. Get tickets here!

Photo by John McLellan

Photo by John McLellan

Photo by John McLellan

Photo by John McLellan

D.R. Amromin
The Call at Seattle Public Theater!

Seattle Public is doing some of the most exciting work in town right now. Getting to work with Co-Artistic Director Annie Lareau on this true passion project has been a dream. An all-female design team (I’m lucky in that this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten to be part of such a group!), contributed to the great experience of putting together this show.

A play about compassion, taking risks, and having faith in the unknown, Tanya Barfield’s words leap off the page with this stellar cast and seasoned director.

Running until June 9th, get your tickets to The Call while you still can!

D.R. Amromin
Office Hour at ArtsWest is Open!

This work has been one of my favorites of 2019 so far. Getting to collaborate with ArtsWest artistic director Mathew Wright, as well as an incredible team of designers, I really believe we’ve made something special.

Office Hour bends reality in a way that makes the audience unsure which narrative to trust. Just when you think you’re seeing the truth, the rug gets pulled out from under you, and you’re left unsure. The forwards and backwards in time that this story travels was fun for me to design. Starting with a conversation about beauty rather than horror, I believe, was the key to the success of this design.

While not a premier, I truly believe we’ve told this story like it hasn’t been told before. With the tenderness and hopefulness that it deserves.

Runs through May 26th at ArtsWest. If you’re in the Seattle area, you don’t want to miss this one.

D.R. Amromin
Pony World's Language Rooms Opening On April 12th!

I’ve been a fan of Pony World for some time, and I finally had the chance to work with this passionate group of artists. Together, we get to tell a very personal story about America and the immigrant experience. This work is being presented at The Slate Theater, which is inside of the old INS building in Seattle’s International District. The subject matter of the story, and the history of the building, make for a truly immersive experience. Written by internationally produced and award-winning playwright Yussef El Guindi, this is the first time Language Rooms is being produced in Seattle. Tickets available here!

D.R. Amromin
A Gypsy Rose Lee Award win! Thank you, Seattle Theater Writers!

Thanks to the folks at Seattle Theater Writers for another Gypsy Rose Lee Award nomination for Excellence in Sound Design (Smaller Theater)! And this time, it was a win! Silhouette was a crazy ambitious project — an original science fiction a cappella musical. What a wild ride!

D.R. Amromin
Everybody at Strawberry Theatre Workshop
Everybody poster FINAL.jpg

This piece is posing unique challenges for me as a sound designer. We spent time in the recording studio recording the many voice-overs that the script calls for. The trick with this piece is, the core ensemble of five actors are entered into a lottery each during each performance which determines who plays which roll. Effectively, there’s over 720 combinations of roles and actors that could happen! Thankfully, I don’t have to program 720 versions of the show - who’s got time for that?? But I do need to program 5 different versions with a different lead. How will this grand experiment turn out?? Exploring our most universal truth : You can’t take it with you, but you can try. This play was a finalist for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize - come see why. Tickets available HERE.

D.R. Amromin
RESHAPE This Space

Reshape has been a first for me. Not only did I create a video installation (which you can read more about here), but I also did a durational performance piece. Isolated in a booth with a modified plastic portal, lit from behind, I had a microphone on a table in front of me which was connected to a telephone on the other side of the wall. Guests could pick up the phone and hear me breathing - an intimate connection. However, the communication was only one way. I was the gatekeeper and decided who I wanted to talk to and when, if I wanted to talk to anyone at all. The idea was a self-imposed isolation, which was regulated by me alone.

I learned a lot on this project - both about myself and about the other truly remarkable artists I got to collaborate with. Watch this video created by Craig Amromin (my one-of-a-kind super talented bro) to learn a little more and see some footage of this unique event.

D.R. Amromin