RESHAPE This Space

Reshape has been a first for me. Not only did I create a video installation (which you can read more about here), but I also did a durational performance piece. Isolated in a booth with a modified plastic portal, lit from behind, I had a microphone on a table in front of me which was connected to a telephone on the other side of the wall. Guests could pick up the phone and hear me breathing - an intimate connection. However, the communication was only one way. I was the gatekeeper and decided who I wanted to talk to and when, if I wanted to talk to anyone at all. The idea was a self-imposed isolation, which was regulated by me alone.

I learned a lot on this project - both about myself and about the other truly remarkable artists I got to collaborate with. Watch this video created by Craig Amromin (my one-of-a-kind super talented bro) to learn a little more and see some footage of this unique event.

D.R. Amromin