Sound Design Samples

Into the Deeps

Directed By Eddie DeHais & Alyza Del-Pan Monley
Theater Off Jackson


15 minute composite video of sound design highlights from Into the Deeps - a sprawling physical theatre piece by DANGERSWITCH! that explores the origins and ravages of capitalism through the allegory of a civilization of creatures deep under the sea. The entire piece had no words. While the first act was mostly clowning and played for laughs, the second act had a more serious tone. This composite is primarily the second act. Music by Philip Glass and A Hawk and a Hacksaw prominently featured.


In a comedic first act with clowning galore, our deep sea society has discovered the monetary value in a sought-after commodity, as well as the assembly line. In the blackout before act two, we're taken forward in time. With this sound cue, I aimed to paint a picture of the world our creatures have come to exist in, staunchly juxtaposed with the humor of act one.



By Keiko Green
Directed By Kaytlin McIntyre
Sound Theater Company


Set both in WWII Japan and in present day USA. In this composite, there is a US airstrike on the Japanese barracks. A young woman watches as the Kamikaze pilot she has come to love is sent off on his mission. Blending the sounds of WWII aircraft and Japanese taiko drums.


By Stef Smith
Directed By Julia Griffin
Theater Schmeater


At the climax of the story, the injured pelican that one of the troubled characters has been nursing back to health in her apartment finally stands up and crashes through the window and soars across the sky. Slow-building layers with TV static, music heard previously in the show, birds, and drones. Featuring music by Tonstartssbandht after the crash.

The Twilight Zone LIVE!

By Rod Serling
Directed By Monica Galarneau & Darien Torbert
Theater Schmeater


In the opening moment of the episode "16mm Shrine," we find an aging actress in her darkened room watching and re-watching her old films all day and night.


In this composite, we begin on the first floor of a department store with the lead character. She asks to be directed to the thimbles, and gets sent to the 9th floor. She calls the elevator, it arrives, she gets in and goes up, then exits onto an eerie, empty floor. After an interaction with an odd saleswoman, she reenters the elevator, goes back down, and exits back onto the bustling 1st floor. She then turns to discover the saleswoman who had just helped her upstairs is a mannequin, carried off by a salesman.


…And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi

By Marcus Gardley
Directed By Tyrone Brown
Sound Theater Company


A gun is shot at Demeter, everything suddenly moves in slow motion, then Demeter catches the bullet in her hands.


In the climax of the story, the Civil War plays out juxtaposed with the Vietnam War. Media is spliced together as a television flips channels, a Huey helicopter flies overhead, the war rages in the background, and the ensemble sings "Glory, Glory Hallelujah."